World Harmony I Rug
Signature Grace World Harmony I Rug
Signature Grace, Paula Grace Designs
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World Harmony I Rug

The World Harmony I Rug is made from fine wools and spun bamboo or silk accents for a sumptuous appearance and wonderful tactile experience. Rugs from Signature Grace are sized for your need, able to fit your price point, and beautifully made to coordinate with your palette. Select colors from the pom box or mail fabric for expert color coordination. Please keep in mind that dye lots vary – slight variations in color may occur. We recommend always partnering your rug with a quality rug pad.


Construction Options
Hand tufted Indian wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
60 knot European wool blend with spun bamboo or silk accents
80 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
100 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
100% silk – 60 knot, 80 knot, or 100 knot


World Harmony I Story
The 1980s were a time of great hunger in Africa. Many worked to help raise funds to get food and supplies to countries like Ethiopia, which had struggled under years of famine. A group of people in England lead by Bob Geldof of the Boomtown Rats started the most public of aid – Band Aid. They released a Christmas song in the UK to raise money and many took notice, including some major league stars in this country. Two of them – Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie – got together to write a song to raise money in the US.


During January of 1985, nearly 50 of America’s top performers came together in a super group to record “We Are the World.” This charity single quickly racked up more sales than any other song in American pop history, ultimately helping raise over $60 million for humanitarian aid in Africa.


Several concerts around the world followed the release of “We Are the World.” Live Aid was the largest – a dual-venue concert held nearly simultaneously in England and the US, with an estimated global audience of nearly 2 billion people.


I was at Live Aid – USA. It was a wonderful concert. The spirit was intoxicating.


Music is often at the core of bringing people together for a greater good. I wanted to reflect that fact in the design for this rug.


First, I created the female motif, followed by a counterpart, male motif. Then, I placed swirling circles of these motifs on a simple white background, to heighten the focus on these groups.


At first it may be difficult to tell what’s happening on the rug. After you study it, you begin to see. The world coming together, working in harmony to answer a great need.


How I wish the world worked like that more often.


As Shown Specifics
10’ x 13’
80 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo accents
Lead-time 22 – 24 weeks


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