Washington, D.C.
Paula Grace Designs
Paula Grace Designs, Signature Grace, interior design, interior decorator
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Washington, D.C.

This Washington, DC, condo is owned by a young lawyer and avid bicyclist who wanted his home comfortable and reflective of his style. He was careful with his budget, as was I. We were able to accomplish all that he wanted. The palette of neutrals–gray and brown–were used generously while the pop colors of orange and purple were used judiciously. Yet the pop colors offer a wonderful flow through the home. I selected custom upholstered pieces with style and comfort in mind. The high quality way they are made accounts for the comfort and the healthy longevity of the pieces–an important factor if one intends to freely enjoy one’s home. The multi-purpose office serves as a guest room with a streamlined, queen-size sleep sofa and as storage for his three bikes. The bikes are also used as art.