Time for Everything Rug
Signature Grace Time for Everything Rug
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Time for Everything Rug

The Time for Everything Rug is made from fine wools and spun bamboo or silk accents for a sumptuous appearance and wonderful tactile experience. Rugs from Signature Grace are sized for your need, able to fit your price point, and beautifully made to coordinate with your palette. Select colors from the pom box or mail fabric for expert color coordination. Please keep in mind that dye lots vary – slight variations in color may occur. We recommend always partnering your rug with a quality rug pad.


Construction Options
Hand tufted Indian wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
60 knot European wool blend with spun bamboo or silk accents
80 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
100 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
100% silk – 60 knot, 80 knot, or 100 knot


Time for Everything Story
I designed this rug for a client who’s also a neighbor. This woman has three active children and a husband whose career requires him to travel extensively. The family decided to begin a major renovation to their home and engaged my services to help.


One room, the living room, wasn’t going to be part of the major renovation. However, the wife wanted to create a room that felt all her own. A feminine space that could double as an office for her business, while giving her a place to relax and read.


When her husband travels, my client has to take care of all her children’s needs, the house, and the details of the renovation…Needless to say, life can get pretty crazy at times. But we’ve talked about how taking things one step at a time and not sweating the small stuff can help.


I designed two pieces for her special room. This rug was inspired by The Byrds’ hit single from the 60s “Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season).” Pete Seeger, who wrote this classic song, drew the lyrics almost word-for-word from Ecclesiastes in the Bible:


“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”


I felt those words fit my friend’s busy life perfectly, reminding us that all will get done at the appropriate time. The rug captures a mid-century vibe, with interlocking rings representing components of her day, her week, her life all connecting to one another – one ring at a time – creating a cohesive and beautiful whole.


As Shown Specifics:
11’ Round
60 knot European wool blend with spun bamboo
Lead-time 16 – 18 weeks


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