The Pure and Strong Desk
Signature Grace Pure and Strong Desk
Signature Grace, Paula Grace Designs
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The Pure and Strong Desk

The Pure and Bold Desk is hand-crafted from solid maple. The top of oval desk has a 2” wide maple border with a 1” solid ebony and grass cloth inlay. The inlay is covered with a ¼” thick oval plate glass with a polished edge. The 4 ½” tall oval skirt houses one radius drawer. The drawer is ½” thick solid maple dovetail type with Accuride side mount drawer guides. Pulls are a small, simple shaped chrome knob. Shown in a light mahogany gloss lacquer finish. Finish is customizable.


The Pure and Strong Story
I designed this desk for a friend and client who is a big fan of country music and of one country music star in particular, Kenny Chesney. I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with this artist before I began work on this project. So I listened to a lot of his music and discovered he has an amazing voice. Pure and strong. As I listened to Kenny’s songs and watched his music videos, those two words, “pure” and “strong,” kept coming into my head.


What is one of the purest ways to define a man as a strong country singer? His hat. I ordered one of the musician’s signature hats.


That was it: the hat. It defines his pure and strong voice and personality. He wears a straw-like hat with black band detail. My client wanted a feminine space, a room designed just for her, a place to relax, read, and work on her home business. A feminine space inspired by a masculine country singer.


I purposefully designed an oval desk. The singer’s hat is oval, yes, but the oval also has feminine qualities; it’s the perfect shape for the room and for my client. The top of the desk has a grass cloth inlay surrounded by ebony wood, all preserved under glass. The desk is finished with delicate, yet strong, legs.


A perfect union of “pure and strong.”


As Shown Specifics:
60” L x 30” W x 30” H


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