Raise Dining Table
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Raise Dining Table

The skillfully crafted Raise Dining Table is constructed in walnut wood and veneers with a dark walnut stain finish. The Ogee edge and legs are gold leafed to perfection. The corners are clipped to accommodate today’s angled rooms. The table can also be made as a rectangle if you prefer. The double four armed pedestals support the 144” expanse. Able to be custom sized for your dining room.


Raise Dining Table Story
When I designed this table for clients, they described their use of a dining room: fun, food, family, and friends. Also knowing their style, they love flowing, curved shapes and forms. This love of theirs brought me to the curvaceous portion of the pedestal, which, as I drew, looked like arms raising up. That image immediately took me to the beautiful Josh Groban song “You Raise Me Up.” Then I thought about family and friends around the table enjoying good food, good company, and good conversation. Family and friends are our main supporters in life who raise us up. This table is for them, all the people that are invited to sit around your dining table supporting you through thick and thin. Cheers!


As shown specifics:
144” L x 52” W x 30” H


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