Love Reigns Rug
Signature Grace Love Reigns Rug
Signature Grace, Paula Grace Designs, Love Reigns Rug
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Love Reigns Rug

The Love Reigns Rug is made from fine wools and spun bamboo or silk accents for a sumptuous appearance and wonderful tactile experience. Rugs from Signature Grace are sized for your need, able to fit your price point, and beautifully made to coordinate with your palette. Select colors from the pom box or mail fabric for expert color coordination. Please keep in mind that dye lots vary – slight variations in color may occur. We recommend always partnering your rug with a quality rug pad.


Construction Options
Hand tufted Indian wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
60 knot European wool blend with spun bamboo or silk accents
80 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
100 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
100% silk – 60 knot, 80 knot, or 100 knot


Love Reigns Story
This rug was inspired by “Love Reign O’er Me” – my favorite song by The Who. The lyrics carry great power. Here’s what this song means to me: let love be your guiding force in life, and the love you give will always return to you.


At the top of the rug, the word “Love” appears in a large font, but slightly cut off. Why? Because love doesn’t always have a beginning, it just is. The violins in the song are intoxicating, swinging you back and forth. To me it sounds like flowing curves of words represent love returning to you. Showering you.


This rug lies in the foyer of my home, greeting all those who enter.


As Shown Specifics
5’ x 7’
80 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo accents
Lead-time 22 – 24 weeks


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