Leather and Lace Console – Lace Top
Signature Grace Leather and Lace Console
Signature Grace, Paula Grace Designs
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Leather and Lace Console – Lace Top

The Leather and Lace Console is hand-crafted from solid maple, leather and steel or brass. The focal point top is wrapped in Italian leather encased in steel lace “tiles.” The console base can be painted in any Benjamin Moore color (please specify color) or stained. Leather can match base or use a contrasting one for added impact. Base is finished in high gloss. Console length is available in 10 ¼” increments (lace “tile” is 10 ¼” – add four inches for the base extension beyond “tiles,” e.g., six lace tiles = 61 ½” long plus 2″ base extending beyond lace on both sides equals total length of 61 ½” + 4″ = 65 ½”). You may also change the height to use as a cocktail table, side table or intriguing drink table. Lace “tiles” can be oriented in either direction; diamond shape can be vertical or horizontal. Top available in lace “tile” or glass (glass top is recommended if top will be used for other than ornamental). When specifying console please state: Benjamin Moore color or stain, overall length, tile orientation, glass or lace top.


Leather and Lace Story
Stevie Nicks’ “Leather and Lace,” recorded as a duet with Don Henley, provided inspiration for this piece. Her song holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me how it felt to fall in love with my husband.

I didn’t get married until later in life. I dated plenty but never met anyone who I felt completely accepted me, even with all my edges. When I met Jim, that all changed. He was understanding, patient, and kind. He listened and didn’t judge, just supported me, and I him. It felt like a true partnership. I felt safe, secure, accepted, loved. As the song says,


“I have my own life
And I am stronger
Than you know
But I carry this feeling
When you walked into my house
That you won’t be walking out the door”


I designed the console to be flexible, with lace “tiles” versus one large piece, so it could be sized to work beautifully in any setting. That’s key in marriage, too––flexibility.


The design for the console became highly personal when I included our parents. Jim’s mom and my dad passed away long ago, but they both played crucial roles in our lives. Jim’s mom, who everybody called Tootie, was a first generation Italian-American. She had the kind of home stray kids gravitated to because she accepted and loved them when they felt alone. In honor of Tootie, I chose Italian leather to embrace the piece; the leather completely wraps the top portion of the console.


To honor my dad, Bogdan, I used a piece of Polish lace as inspiration for the console’s lace tile design. My father had to leave his native Poland at 17 when the Nazis invaded. He fought in the Polish division of the English army in World War II, then educated himself in England and the U.S. He believed in the importance of education; he saw it as the key to freedom.


The lace embraces the leather. Together, they create a magnificent focal point for the console.


As shown specifics:
65 ½” L x 14 ¼” W x 35″ H
Shown in ivory leather and ivory painted base; brass lace
Lace “tiles” are horizontally oriented
Lace top


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