Invert Sideboard
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Invert Sideboard

The elegant Invert Sideboard evolved from the Invert Lamp Cabinet. It is constructed in walnut wood and veneers with a faux ivory inlay border on the drawers, doors, and sides. Top is recessed ivory marble with walnut border – place hot items directly on without worry. Two of the three drawers lined in blue velvet are compartmentalized for utensil storage. Three cabinets below – two for horizontal storage (adjustable shelves), one for vertical storage of trays and platers (fixed compartments). This show-stopping piece boasts tusk-like legs gold leafed to perfection. Pulls are simple, round, clean polished brass or upgrade to faceted ones. Shown with a medium walnut stain and high gloss finish.


Invert Sideboard Story
My husband and I were at the concert of one of my all-time favorite bands, Fleetwood Mac. My husband was struggling to take a picture and asked me for help. I showed him how to touch the phone screen to focus on what he’d like to photograph. My husband is a techie; I am not, so that was a bit weird––showing him a technical thing.


Next, the band starting playing a song I didn’t recognize. That is completely strange because I know all their music. My husband said, “You don’t know this song? It’s ‘Tusk’!” He was so proud that he knew the song. At that moment we realized we had switched roles––I the techie and he the songster.


Invert = to reverse in position, order, direction, or relationship. Indeed!


I designed the Invert Sideboard with tusk-like legs and faux ivory border to commemorate that weird and wonderful night.


As shown specifics:
93.5″ W x 28.75″ D x 40″ H (W and D measurements are measured tip to tip of the legs.)
Weight 420 lb.


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