Great Falls, VA
Paula Grace Designs
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Great Falls, VA

Professional parents of two purchased a beautiful home with wonderful architectural details. The home was painted in dark colors with heavy window treatments not suiting the tastes of the new homeowners. Working with them, I created a light palette with sophisticated furnishings. In the living and dining rooms, the monochromatic palette is infused with texture, light, and interesting details. The family room, where comfort is king, boasts classic, comfortable sofas and chairs with leather ottomans. The conservatory, with its neutral palette punctuated with red, hosts parties for friends. The cheerful sunroom is where morning tea is enjoyed. Signature Grace makes many appearances. I designed the areas rugs in the living and dining rooms and foyer; the tables in the dining room, foyer, and living room; and the ottomans, media cabinet, and console in the family room. These pieces are now in my Signature Grace by Paula Grace Designs Collections.