Duet in Curves Rug
Signature Grace Duet in Curves Rug
Signature Grace, Paula Grace Designs
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Duet in Curves Rug

The Duet in Curves Rug is made from fine wools and spun bamboo or silk accents for a sumptuous appearance and wonderful tactile experience. Rugs from Signature Grace are sized for your need, able to fit your price point, and beautifully made to coordinate with your palette. Select colors from the pom box or mail fabric for expert color coordination. Please keep in mind that dye lots vary – slight variations in color may occur. We recommend always partnering your rug with a quality rug pad.


Construction Options
Hand tufted Indian wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
60 knot European wool blend with spun bamboo or silk accents
80 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
100 knot New Zealand wool with spun bamboo or silk accents
100% silk – 60 knot, 80 knot, or 100 knot


Duet in Curves Rug
I designed this rug for newlywed clients of mine – two highly successful, dynamic professionals full of life and looking forward to their new future together.


They helped me find my stride designing custom pieces for clients. They trusted me, listened to me, and were great to work with (and still are). I helped them discover a style for their home that suited them perfectly. Over the months we worked together, we developed a very close, supportive relationship.


One key: I created a safe environment for my clients, enabling them to try out new things without fear of being judged. They knew they’d be accepted and supported, even as they were being challenged to explore new perspectives. This is essential, because it isn’t always easy and it can be scary to change – even when that change is positive.


At its core, interior design is very personal. It’s a form of self-expression, revealing to others a bit of your inner self. Sometimes defining who you are can get complicated, even scary. It’s the storm before the calm. I act as an agent of calm for my clients.


In one of the exercises I took this couple through, the wife was particularly drawn to a buffet for the dining room that featured an arc pattern. My clients discovered they love arcs – all that gentle fluidity.


So I designed several new furnishings with arcs for these special clients, including this rug.


In designing the rug, I took great care in how I placed the arcs. The two colors leaning on each other, yet maintaining their own separate strength. Just like these two strong people who had chosen to build a new life together. Truly a duet in curves.


As Shown Specifics
10’ x 14’
80 knot New Zealand wool with silk accents
Lead-time 22 – 24 weeks


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