Crystal Cocktail Table
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Crystal Cocktail Table

The beautiful Crystal Table has three golden arms made from beech wood. The center of the table is a ball that binds the three arms. The glass top is 36” in diameter. The base can be painted in any color imaginable and also enlarge for the larger cocktail table of elongated for a stunning side table.


Crystal Cocktail Table Story
Pink’s rock music has always had a presence on the charts, but her softer side has always appealed to me. The song “Crystal Ball” is an anthem for perseverance, learning, growing, and not giving in to the naysayers––believing your destiny is not written by others and that you have the power to create it for yourself.

That’s how I designed this table. The crystal ball is small, but the arms are large and far-reaching, just like experiences of life. In the end, those arms can discover beautiful clarity that can be held up for all to see, just like Pink’s amazing talent.


As shown specifics:
36” Diameter x 17.5” H


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