Clearview Pedestal – Side Table
Signature Grace Clearview Pedestal Side Table
Signature Grace, Paula Grace Designs
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Clearview Pedestal – Side Table

The skillfully crafted Clearview Pedestal – Side Table is made from walnut wood and veneers using flex board to create the hour glass shape. The bottom round provides a secure base while the top round provides ample room for a lamp or to serve as pedestal for a dining table. The top has a bright, polished brass sunburst and ray inlay protected by a catalyzed gloss finish. Shown in the natural beauty of walnut with only gloss lacquer to enhance it. This table can be resized as a smaller pedestal or 36” round cocktail table. The sunburst and rays amaze at the cocktail table scale.


Clearview Sunburst Pedestal / Side Table Story
Johnny Nash’s timeless song about hope and clarity, “I Can See Clearly Now,” is the inspiration for this piece––that song and my daughter, Lauren.


There’s no more defining moment than having a child. Things that had always seemed so important, suddenly, didn’t. It hit me soon after Lauren was born: this child needs me like she needs no other.


Clarity. “I can see clearly now; the rain is gone.” My rain? The intensity I felt about my last mental health job, like heavy dark clouds that had me blind. In its place a new feeling, passion, like walking out into the bright sunshine and feeling the warmth on your face and in your heart. The kind of sun that makes everything crisp. My passion? My family.


When I designed these pedestals, I imagined the bright, crisp sunshine I felt and wanted to capture it, make it concrete. I had three bases made: one for my husband, one for my daughter, one for me. I use them as pedestals for my large glass-top dining room table. I love having family and friends over to enjoy food and fun around that table, that “bright, sunshiny” table.


As shown specifics:
19” Diameter x 29” H


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