Bliss Cocktail Ottoman
Paula Grace Designs
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Bliss Cocktail Ottoman


The Bliss Ottoman Table functions as both an ottoman with leather cushioned sides and a cocktail table with removable deep trays. A perfect piece for a family room or entertaining space. Shown in off-white lacquer and distressed leather for a casual look. Customize wood––paint or stain––and leather or fabric from dozens of choices.


Bliss Cocktail Ottoman Story

When working on the family room with a favorite client of mine, she described the events they had at their home. They involved family and friends lounging in the family room––talking, watching sports, movies…I pictured them lined up on their sofa with their feet up and food and drink nearby. Every once in a while, more snacks and drinks were needed. How can I make this easy for them, I asked myself? The Bliss Cocktail Ottoman was born. Their feet are up, trays at their beck and call to collect more treats, their drinks and snacks close by. Sheer bliss.


As shown specifics: