Behind the Eyes Nightstand
Signature Grace Behind the Eyes Nightstand
Signature Grace, Paula Grace Designs
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Behind the Eyes Nightstand

The skillfully crafted contemporary Behind the Eyes Nightstand / Side Table – is made from walnut wood and veneers and polished brass. The soft close, dove tail drawer and door open with hidden finger pulls. Brass is recessed on three sides with all four legs encased in brass. This clean, strong nightstand is sure to complement any contemporary design whether used as a nightstand, side, or lamp table.


Behind the Eyes Nightstand / Side Table Story
We all have things inside of us that we let a select few see, if at all. Usually a dark place like the night. It’s been portrayed in the movies; Saving Mr. Banks comes to mind. Experiences we have to sort out, accept, forgive, and gain strength and conviction from.


When I first heard “Demons” by Imagine Dragons, I shied away from it, likely because it resonated with me. But I listened to it again…and again. I kept getting this image of being drawn into someone’s eyes and seeing what’s hidden. We’ve all heard it – “Eyes are the window to the soul.” I designed the Behind the Eyes nightstand with this image. The recessed brass pulling you inside, the drawer and shelving hidden.


When I saw the video for “Demons” late one night after I designed Behind the Eyes, I learned I’m not the only one that had that image. The video gave me chills. It shows the eye drawing you into their hidden places. I realized that Imagine Dragons and I share a common demon––having cancer take away someone close to you. Behind the Eyes isn’t a sad piece. It shows how you can open the hidden places and make them beautiful and strong to hold all that’s needed. Just like this beautiful and strong piece, Behind the Eyes, will help fund research and treatment for children with cancer.


As shown specifics:
22” L x 20” W (Deep) x 31” H


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