Away Dining Table
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Away Dining Table

The lovely Away Dining Table is constructed in walnut wood and veneers. The top displays a starburst pattern with soft rays meeting each person seated. The sculptural base continues to add beauty with its fluid lines. Shown finished in medium walnut with moderately high gloss.


Away Dining Table Story
Rumors, by Fleetwood Mac, is one of my favorite albums. I enjoy each song. “Go Your Own Way,” even with its disparity between the songwriter’s heart and the heart of the one he desires, boasts perfect harmonies. We’ve all been there. The band was in a difficult place––all walking away from each other. Difficult times, amazing music.

I designed the base of this table with the legs facing away from each other––walking away, if you will––but with the beauty and fluidity theirs voices know together. The oval at the base’s middle, the binding, is the music holding them together. The top, a starburst: even when walking away from each other, together they continued to shine.


As shown specifics:
60″ Dia x 30″ H


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