Arlington, VA
Paula Grace Designs
Paula Grace Designs, Signature Grace, interior design
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Arlington, VA

Prelude: a couple with exquisite taste and a love of classical music began redecorating their family room – the room they spend the most time in – but they weren’t happy with the results. The room had good structural bones with wonderful rugs, art, and a baby grand piano, but the design just didn’t capture the look and feel the couple wanted, nor did it reflect their current style. That’s when they brought me in. First, we tackled some imbalance issues with the windows – that was an easy fix. Intermission: The client signed off on the plan for the interior design and we were just about to start ordering furniture when the storm-of-all-storms hit. CRASH! A tree fell, causing structural damage to the roof. Luckily it didn’t hurt the new windows! Grand Finale: We made lemonade out of lemons and raised the roof, added a beautiful coffer ceiling and detailed lighting. My clients remained upbeat the whole way through and treasure the end results.