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<i>Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (Photo by Matt Simmonds)</i>

Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (Photo by Matt Simmonds)

Paula’s work addresses how organizational culture influences clients, and how to leverage culture to create better results. Her focus is consulting to interior design firms, other creative firms, and executives, where she brings together her work as a clinical social worker and her experience as the successful CEO of Paula Grace Designs, Inc. Paula has partnered with leaders in organizations large and small to design and implement business systems which are durable and effective.


Paula’s specialty is bringing executives/principals into an understanding of their roles in the complex interplay of process, systems, dynamics and relationships in the workplace and the culture which results. With that awareness in hand, she helps leaders determine where culture is productive in achieving desired outcomes, and where norms and habits are working against successful internal functioning and optimal client relationships. Together a development plan is created and implemented to achieve long-term results.


Participants in Paula’s group coaching and workplace retreats learn how to create, evolve, and implement needed business disciplines and processes along with the behaviors and the skills needed to create high-performance work environments. Establishing trust, constructive conflict resolution, and personal accountability are emphasized.


Paula is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events. Her speaking engagements include two sponsored national speaking tours.


Prior to studying interior design, Paula earned her Masters degree in Clinical Social Work from NYU and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Rochester’s executive MBA program. Paula taught graduate level students the theory and culture of groups at the University of Rochester, and is the past president of the Rochester-area Group Psychotherapy Association.


Paula is also an associate in Helen Halewski & Associates – Organization Development Consultants.


Paula resides in northern Virginia with her husband Jim, daughter Lauren, and rescue dog Millie.

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Current Seminars:

Culture and the Agreement
How to Build Strong Client Relationships for Your Success and Survival
Effective Team Relationships in Your Design Firm
Creating a Positive Culture in Your Creative Workplace
The Strength of an Effective Agreement


For additional information, please contact Paula Grace at 703-201-1490 or



“You are the professional’s professional!”




“Flawless and valuable.”


“Extremely candid and informative presentation that will make our firm reevaluate the way we run our business.”


“Very valuable information not just for design projects but going through life.”


“Paula was powerful and professional and was a great example for us to follow!”


“Awesome discussion of the psychology of the client relationship!”


“So informative, eye opening, wish there was more time!”


“Very informative – great tools to help me.”


“You were a great inspiration, and I am relieved that ‘big’ interior designers also have relationship issues with some clients and it’s not just me…I have your handout on my bookshelf at all times and go to it whenever I need a boost of confidence when dealing with a difficult client.”
– Mary Beth Zwolfer, MBZ Interiors, Inc.

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