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Design & Dessert News

Paula Grace held her first design class to 30 homeowners, Design & Dessert with Paula Grace Designs, at the Belmont Country Club in Loudoun County, VA, on February 21, 2019. The event was sponsored by The Greg Wells Team and Conestoga Tile. Attendees enjoyed dessert and coffee while learning about the principles and elements of quality interior design. Homeowners actively discussed their own design and decorating issues and came away with a healthy dose of knowledge and many ideas. Here’s what the attendees are saying…
“I appreciated Paula’s expertise and insights! A great class. Thank you!” – Cindy Zook
“Great class! Inspired to seek Paula’s help.” – Shirley Gray
“It was an awesome class. Learned a lot. Paula is an amazing instructor and certainly very well versed in design.” – Brooke Sepehri
“I brought my daughter to the class. She and I found it very helpful!” – Gina Jones