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Paula Grace Designs Client Testimonials
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What People Say


“When we first began working with Paula Grace Designs, we couldn’t quite put our finger on what prevented us from feeling ‘at home’ in our house. Paula Grace’s incredibly thorough and organized process, from the personal interviews, to the design meetings, to the implementation, helped us discover and articulate a simple, casual elegance as our personal style. As a result, we now have a home that we are not only proud of, but also are completely relaxed and ‘at home’ in.”

– David & Rebecca Svec 


“Paula Grace helped me evolve from ‘raw’ builder’s product (new construction) all the way to a complete home. Always helpful with ideas on how to best proceed – with ample options. Paula did a wonderful job working my original art and collections into the design. And the custom furniture (television cabinet, hall table, and floating shelves) are wonderful.”

– James E. Horner


“Every time I enter this room, I feel happy.  It suits us perfectly.  Paula was so helpful and took all our setbacks in stride with the great storm.  She even gave us a night on the town to help de-stress us!  Her ability to understand what we wanted was uncanny.  I described how I wanted it to look and feel and she took it from there.  Paula heard our desire to have a warm, lived in space without it being stuffed.  Our loved pieces were skillfully used.  We’re having Paula Grace back to do more!” 

– Arlington, VA (private home)


“My wife and I have used Paula’s design services several times in various areas of our home. She is always collaborative in her approach and listens to our real wants and desires. The end product is comprehensive and reflective of her passion for design.” 

– Paul Feicht


“It looks amazing. The transformation is superb. Paula has great vision. We love it. The rooms are so beautiful. The final outcome exceeded our expectations. Paula’s selections of furnishings and art are wonderful. We love the hand-made wallpaper in the dining room shadow boxes. We were nervous about using wallpaper but it added so much to the room. Now we want to use more! Her use of the large mirror to reflect the dining room into the living room is one of the many details that make these rooms so special.”  

– Ashna & Pranab Nayyar


“Paula did a fantastic job with our kitchen design and renovation. The project was involved, with structural changes to the house to create an open kitchen/family room. She worked tirelessly with the contractor and others to keep the project on track and manage the inevitable unexpected issues. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Our holiday party dinner was the first real test, and it was a stress-free event for the first time ever!”

– Charles “Locky” Nimick


“I greatly enjoyed working with Paula Grace. Not only was the process easy, straightforward, and done on my schedule, the end results were spectacular. The magic element to me was how my initial vague preferences about how I wanted my home to look were turned into a finished product that really represented me. I was initially uncomfortable with having to furnish my house, and once I contacted Paula Grace she put a plan together and everything I wanted and needed appeared like clockwork. My home now is at once aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and representative of me. I don’t think I could have achieved a single one of those three goals on my own, let alone all three at once. I could not recommend Paula Grace more highly.”

– Washington, D.C. (private home)


“Paula Grace is a high quality designer with a gift for understanding the needs and desires of her clients… From color, to granite, to appliances and furniture, Paula was able to bring my preferences to life with style…From the day we moved in, the house felt ours…it felt like home.”  

– Sharon & Chris Placzek


“We hired Paula to make our Virginia house a home and she did an excellent job. Paula took the time to understand the type of family we are and worked diligently to develop a design that was reflective of our style and situation. The end result was sophisticated yet comfortable. I would definitely work with Paula again in the future.” 

– Kristy Yule


“When I first met Paula and she realized just how inept I was at design, I asked her if she would be able to use any of the furnishings from my mom’s house in her design. The result of her efforts you see in the surrounding pictures. Truly an amazing designer, Paula took the time she needed to get to know me, understand what I wanted even though I couldn’t put it into ‘designer speak.’ She used a majority of the pieces from my mom’s home; added color, style and elegance, incorporated my career as an aviator and designed a home I had only been able to see in my dreams.” 

– Norm Cortese


“Stunning is how we would describe Paula Grace’s designs. She has an incredible ability to transform the ordinary into elegant. Her skillful use of color, texture, and pattern made our rooms simply beautiful. The outcome definitely exceeded our expectations! Paula’s approach to design can be summed up in three words – talented, dedicated, and caring.”

– Shannon & Tom Mahoney


“Paula has an amazing gift for design as well as relating to those she’s working with. I couldn’t be happier with the results and outcome on the projects where I’ve used Paula. She is an incredibly talented professional who is practical, yet sophisticated, and comes to her clients with a deep understanding of the design world. I highly recommend her and would use her on new projects time and time again!” 

– Dawn & Steve Orr


“Paula was very patient dealing with a couple of decorating novices. She educated us on key design principles and coaxed us out of our comfort zone to achieve a dramatic transformation. We are very pleased with the end result. Paula is not only a creative designer, but an organized and efficient business owner. It has been a pleasure working with her.” 

– Jim & Theresa Tietjen


“Fabulous design, uniquely us, client-centric. Paula Grace brought all of our vision to life. The process was truly client-centric, allowing our unique personality to be expressed in the design. When she unveiled the project, we both said, ‘This is us and exactly what we wanted!’ A designer’s true value is in the ability to bring to life the diversity of the vision expressed by her clients and avoid the ‘cookie cutter’ design replicated in every project. Needless to say, Paula Grace brings HIGH VALUE! Thanks, Paula Grace. You gave us more than we could have imagined. 5 STARS to Paula Grace Designs.” 

– Ashburn, VA (private home)