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Evelyn Avery

The other day I was invited to the apartment showroom of Evelyn Avery. Evelyn is a fine art dealer among a few other things.

While perusing her magnificent inventory, if one can even call it inventory given how fantastic they are, I realized her amazing eye for art AND creating the perfect setting for it. What do you mean??!! Evelyn also specializes in custom framing ~ both new material and restoration of antique finds. She has a special gift of marrying art to their frame. I adored the contemporary works in their traditional style frames ~ so unique.

Meeting Evelyn was a great pleasure. She is relatively new to the DC area. She moved here from Atlanta. The South is in Evelyn’s blood. She is full of charm, elegance, and grace. Her long list of clients include the incomparable Barry Dixon. In fact when I entered her apartment showroom, I thought I was in a Barry Dixon designed home as I recognized some of the furnishings as his. When I commented on my observation, Evelyn smiled and fondly spoke of her affiliation with Barry and his designs. They have worked together for many years. And yes, many of the furnishings are from Barry’s lines. Evelyn’s apartment is the perfect place to view her creations. The main area is full with natural light. The view from her 10th story flat was a lovely addition to the beautiful elements within her walls.

There are several creations to Evelyn’s master eye ~ not only art and frames but mirrors, headboards, furniture, and media screens.

I was captivated by the media screen idea. I have seen and used mirror, art, and cabinets to conceal televisions but none as sophisticated as her screens. Imagine hiding the black blob with chic art framed with precision and purpose. Take a look…

I can see specifying Evelyn’s screens ~ hand selecting the art, finish, and style. I have a project in mind for this as I type. Lovely, just lovely.

Of course while I was there, I fell in love with a particular piece of art.

I am partial to art depicting the human form. I purchased this piece not knowing where I would place it. However, I think I found its home. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Here are two more that I really love…

Hmmm… where can these two live in my home??!!

Everywhere one looks in Evelyn’s flat is beauty…

I could spend days in there just soaking it all in.

I am looking forward to the Tea she is hosting in her Alexandria, Virginia studio. Seeing how her masterpieces are created will be great fun and a valuable learning experience.

FYI ~ Evelyn works with clients directly and with designers. And she offers wonderful service ~ she’ll come to you to help select and place art. Her impeccable taste married with your desired look can be yours. All one needs to do is ask. How lovely is that?