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<i>Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (Photo by Matt Simmonds)</i>

Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (Photo by Matt Simmonds)

If you read Paula Grace Halewski’s bio, you know she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her consulting and speaking engagements. She holds Master degrees and Clinical Social Work and Business Administration. Paula Grace held directorships in large behavioral health systems in charge of multidisciplinary staffs. She was awarded Excellence in Supervision while in her prestigious University Medical Center position. She taught at the graduate level as well as practiced psychotherapy within her Medical Center and in private practice for many years. This knowledge and experience married with her in 10+ years in the interior design industry leading her own design firm has made her a highly sought after consultant.


Paula Grace has been a quiet leader in the industry on resolving challenges faced in the work environment daily. These include, but not limited to, developing a positive work culture, a firm’s internal identity, to align with their external brand, enhancing processes and structures that build strong professional relationships with clients, staff, vendors and industry partners, and strengthening leadership dexterity and ability.


Paula Grace provides individual, small group, and the design firm as a whole consultation or a combination. Consultation is available in person, by phone, or virtually via Go-To-Meeting. The exact plan is determined after assessing the needs, goals, and objectives. Confidentiality is always maintained.


Since the demand for these services increased, Paula Grace began leading seminars to bring this discussion out in the open to help individuals feel less alone and experience relief.

Current Seminars:

How to Build Strong Client Relationships for Your Success and Survival
Effective Team Relationships in Your Design Firm
Creating a Positive Culture in Your Creative Workplace
The Strength of an Effective Agreement


For additional information, please contact Paula Grace at 703-201-1490 or



“You are the professional’s professional!”




“Flawless and valuable.”


“Extremely candid and informative presentation that will make our firm reevaluate the way we run our business.”


“Very valuable information not just for design projects but going through life.”


“Paula was powerful and professional and was a great example for us to follow!”


“Awesome discussion of the psychology of the client relationship!”


“So informative, eye opening, wish there was more time!”


“Very informative – great tools to help me.”


“You were a great inspiration, and I am relieved that ‘big’ interior designers also have relationship issues with some clients and it’s not just me…I have your handout on my bookshelf at all times and go to it whenever I need a boost of confidence when dealing with a difficult client.”
– Mary Beth Zwolfer, MBZ Interiors, Inc.