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Asymmetrical Balance ~

This is a wonderful example of asymmetrical balance. Why? Asymmetrical balance is also known as informal balance. I adore asymmetrical balance because it is done with the eye ~ hence also being known as optical balance.

With asymmetrical balance, a center point or line is still found but differing furnishings are used to create balance. The furnishings need to be similar in mass or form and are still equal in distance from the center point.

In the above picture, the chairs are balanced by the chaise. The console table lamps are balanced by the shelving unit. This type of balance is more difficult to achieve. It requires searching for ‘like’ objects and then placing them, tweaking them, assessing the sight and feel of the arrangement, tweaking again…..

Once accomplished, it is delightful as it is already varied thus interesting and unlikely to become boring over time. This type of balance has a genuine, more relaxed feel to it but provides the same type of secure and confident feelings as symmetrical balance. When one enters into a room with good asymmetrical balance, the feeling of order occurs but is more subconscious than conscious. In symmetrical design ~ it is unmistakable as one sees the mirror image. In asymmetrical balance, one feels it first and then perhaps sees it.

Here are additional examples of asymmetrical balance….

The large vase is a similar height as the floor lamp, which flank the vignette. Since the vase has some mass, the chair together with the floor lamp, a grouping, provide the balance.

The sofa and chairs offset each other. They are unified by the chairs and a pillow on the sofa being similar colors.

The chair and the vase together balance the sofa. I love this design.

The white console (a horizontal plane), lamp, and drapes form a grouping that oppose the large white doors (a vertical plane). The bird cage counters the tree with hanging birds on a wire table. The area as a whole is given a sense of stasis. This is a very thoughtful design.

Photos compliments of Point Click Home.

As mentioned in my symmetrical balance post ~ here’s a good read.