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Paula Grace Halewski Bio
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“Your home should portray who you are today, remind you of happy times from the past, and provide lush ground for you to create new memories.

Earlier in my career, as a practicing psychotherapist, my greatest joy came from helping people discover their inner beauty and reveal it to the world. Now, as an interior designer, I do much the same thing: by marrying artistry and deep psychological insight with the principles and elements of quality design, I’m able to interpret my clients’ sense of self and help them reveal it to the world. Together, we transform their house into a home that captures their inner beauty through elegant design and timeless pieces that say, ‘This is who I am.'”


Prior to studying Interior Design, Paula Grace Halewski earned Masters Degrees in Clinical Social Work and Business Administration. She held a Directorship of large behavioral health program and was a Senior Instructor, graduate level, in a prestigious University Medical Center. With this level of experience, Paula Grace runs a seamless ship when implementing designs.  The process flows until each furnishing is placed and the design realized.


Both Paula Grace’s interior and furnishing designs have been published. She’s been hand-selected to participate in designer Show Houses and is regularly asked to speak and consult for the interior design industry.


Paula Grace was born in upstate New York to Bianca and Bogdan Halewski. Her mother was an aspiring interior decorator – with a dramatic, artistic flair. Her father attained Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Business Administration. Paula Grace inherited her natural, artistic flair from her mother, and her logical, focused approach and organizational skills from her father. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and daughter.