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In the summer of 2016, Paula Grace visited the family-owned artisan workshops in a small town in Portugal where her furniture is hand-crafted. (Pictured above: Wave Console)

This is the inlay workshop. Artisans laser cut the inlay and then place it by hand.  This craftsmanship allows for almost any inlay idea to be actualized. If I can draw it in AutoCAD, they can inlay it. It’s amazing to watch. The artistry is wonderful.  (About the cat–it lives there. They found it with a broken tail; the tail healed but will forever be bent.)

Sample Kit

Welcome to the Signature Grace furnishings collection. Modern heirlooms boldly envisioned and carefully handcrafted to the most exacting standards. Timeless new classics worthy of your signature style. Furniture and rugs – pitch-perfect notes to enrich your home, your life.


My goal: to create unique designs that stand the test of time. Pieces that speak to you, move you, inspire you. Visually, yes, but also at a tactile, textural, emotional – even visceral level. Furnishings that soothe you, engage you – in moments shared with others, as well as in private moments, just for you.


Each piece is special. Each piece tells a story. Each piece is inspired by music.


Why music? We connect with music on such a deep, intuitive level. It’s woven into the very fabric of our lives – evoking powerful emotions and memories. And for me, music has long been a source of creative inspiration. The process begins with an artist, a song, an instrument, a performance… Before I know it, I’ve turned the abstract into a three-dimensional form and a furnishing is born.


Each piece in this line is customizable, and can be reimagined and scaled to harmonize perfectly with its surroundings – from grand compositions to more intimate settings. The fine furniture pieces are handcrafted from mindfully harvested wood and wood veneers, finished with multi-layered applications. Sophisticated lasers cut intricate inlays in wood and metal, and many pieces can be finished in a wide array of wood tones, leafing, or luminous paints.


The luxurious rugs are made from fine wools, spun bamboo, and silk offered in hand-tufted, 60, 80, or 100 knot. Each rug can be sized to suit your needs and matched to your desired palette.



Samples of our wood species, stains, and finishes, our leather selection, and our main velvets are available for purchase. The purchase price of $250.00 includes standard shipping to your office and is deducted from your first order! Please email to place your order.


Giving back 

When you purchase an item in the Signature Grace line, a portion of profits is donated to one of four exceptional charities for children: Save the Music and The National Math and Science initiative (both of which foster holistic brain development across the arts and math and science); the National Coalition against Domestic Violence (because a safe home environment isn’t a privilege, it’s a right and a necessity for every child to thrive); and The Truth 365 (focused on ending childhood cancer).



Signature Grace by Paula Grace Designs can be seen at her showroom:

Atrium Interiors

Galleria Tysons Corner

McLean, VA 22102